Working from home. Security tips

lock Over the last decade, remote work and working from home has grown in popularity for many professionals. Almost 70% of employees around the world are working remotely at least once a week. However, the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown in many parts of the world have forced a large number of employees into unfamiliar territory—not just remote work, but full-time working from home.

Given these circumstances, we figured it would be useful to share some of the security tips:

  1. Keep your security software and computer OS up to date. Use different passwords (long, strong and unique: at least 12 characters that are a mix of numbers, symbols and capital and lowercase letters) on all your devices and apps and enable 2-factors authentication when possible.
  2. Secure your network. Make sure you are connected using a Wi-Fi with WPA2/3 encryption. If you need to use a public network you must use a VPN.
  3. Securely store Devices and Data. If you’re using a laptop, make sure it is password-protected, locked and secure. Never leave it unattended – like in a vehicle or at a public charging station.
  4. Dispose of sensitive data securely. Don’t just throw it in the trash or recycling bin. Shred it. Paperwork you no longer need can be treasure to identity thieves.