IT Outsourcing

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Companies of all sizes place a priority on operational efficiency, but not all businesses are equally equipped to maintain this efficiency. Small businesses may have limited IT resources, meaning they can quickly fall behind in updates and network management, placing the company’s system at risk of an outage or breach. For many, the solution is IT Outsourcing or better MSP (Managed Service Provider).

What are the advantages of it?

Break/Fix service on call can only fix the problem.

IT outsourcing instead offer a consistent relationship between you and your service provider as they handle your network and services on the go for a monthly service fee.

Why not calling an outside technician to your location to diagnose and fix your problem?

  • More significant problems for you mean higher profit for your break/fix provider.
  • It’s not possible to guarantee stable solutions, as break/fix providers get paid every time you call them in.
  • An hourly rate may lead to purposefully slowed-down service.

Kreissage Engineering, a locally owned IT company provides tailored solution for your business. From Cloud/Hybrid Cloud design and implementation to Cloud Backup, Remote Monitoring and Fixing.

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